CSV Import commands & responses

Device commands and responses can be entered one-by-one in the Catch Connect dashboard. But it can be time-consuming if you have a lot of message that need to be entered. That’s why we added CSV import.

Click here for the CSV Import Starter File.

Here’s a breakdown of the csv file columns…

Message Type

Required. Valid values are:




This is a friendly name to help you identify the message


The actual message that will be sent to or received from the device.

Valid types are either strings or hexadecimal values.

Hex values are preceded by 0x and separated by commas. Example:


If Catch Connect needs to insert a value in a message, include #PAYLOAD# where the value is to be inserted.

If Catch Connect needs to parse a value from a message, make sure Is Regular Expression is set to true. Then format the string like this:


With that, Catch Connect would parse the value 77 from:


Append Special Character

Optional field. To append a carriage return (hex 0D) enter:


For a line feed (hex 0A):


For a carriage return + line feed (hex 0D 0A):


Is Hexadecimal

Required. Set to FALSE for strings and TRUE for hex.

Is Regular Expression

Required. Set to FALSE if the message does not contain a value to parse and TRUE if it does. (See the Message section for more details.)

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