Slack Messages Integration

To send messages to a Slack channel from Catch Connect, you will need… A Slack Account A Catch Connect Account A Catch Connect Client Gateway application registered and installed on your local network. Click here for an overview of how Catch Connect works. Add Catch Connect to your Slack channel Automate Sending Messages

Opsgenie Alerts Integration

To integrate Opsgenie Alerts with Catch Connect, you will need… An Opsgenie Account The Opsgenie Team Name The Opsgenie Team’s API Key Set Up Opsgenie Integration In Catch Connect Automate Opsgenie Alerts

Catch Connect Client Hardware Options

The Catch Connect client software is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Here are a few options on where to run the software. Unmanaged Hosts An unmanaged host is a device that you maintain upgrades and security patches on yourself. When testing Catch Connect, you may run the client on your laptop. That … Read More

Crestron Integration tutorial

We’ve written a few Simpl Windows modules to make it easy to integrate Catch Connect with Crestron control systems. Click here to download the Crestron modules and example program… Once your Crestron program is compiled and uploaded, a csv file is created and stored in NVRAM. You need to upload that file to Catch Connect … Read More

CSV Import commands & responses

Device commands and responses can be entered one-by-one in the Catch Connect dashboard. But it can be time-consuming if you have a lot of message that need to be entered. That’s why we added CSV import. Click here for the CSV Import Starter File. Here’s a breakdown of the csv file columns… Message Type Required. … Read More

FSR-Flex Integration

Here is a quick overview of integrating the FSR-FLEX Control System with Catch Connect to enable remote monitoring and control, integrate with Amazon Alexa and receive Alerts.

Create & Show Digital Signage Content

Here are a few short videos showing you how to create Digital Signage Content and show it on any display with an off-the-shelf computer (or even your own laptop). Register A Catch Connect Client Install the Catch Connect client software on a device with an internet connection and a video output. Then scan the on-screen … Read More

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