The Catch Technologies Mission

We created Catch Technologies to help people manage and connect devices with online services in a straightforward and secure way. Too much technology exists in siloed platforms with no easy way of connecting it to the outside world.

From audiovisual devices like video displays, projectors and presentation systems to environmental controls like lighting, shades, climate and security – many productivity and convenience benefits are available through online services and management tools. But so many of these devices were never designed to talk to the internet or require proprietary secrets to integrate into larger systems.

Our Vision

Maximize your investment in technology by providing manufacturer-independent management software that lets you support, update and connect installed devices with online services

The alternative is to deal with the shortcomings of siloed systems and un-integrated devices or invest completely in a single platform; locking yourself into the roadmap and risks of the chosen vendor.

We’re A Different Kind Of AV Company

Catch Technologies has its roots in Audiovisual Integration. We’ve seen conference room and smart home technology evolve from a highly customized luxury to a commoditized expectation. Inexpensive hardware, mobile devices and cloud computing have turned the average person into an advanced user with high demands.

But specialty hardware, proprietary systems and legacy devices cannot always meet these demands without the help of online services that integrate today’s connected lifestyles and workflows. Connecting these systems to the internet automatically makes them a part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our goal is to help technology owners, integrators, consultants and programmers bridge the gap between AV/IT and the IoT.

The Team Behind Catch Technologies

Patrick Murray

Patrick Murray

CEO, Founder

Patrick spreads the word about new approaches and brings features to life with the Catch Technologies team.

He’s been integrating audiovisual systems since 1995, helps AV programmers learn new languages at and is host of the Software Defined Survival podcast.

Anton Karsten

Anton Karsten

Software Architect

Anton guides the development and deployment of Catch Technologies software.

He has a long career in IT, Communications and Software Development with organizations like the United Nations and Zalando.

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